Young Roots.

For the kids!


  • For children 2 of 13 years old
  • Parents/carers go FREE
  • Seasonal Themes 
  • Compete against yourself (approx. 7 years +)...
  • ...Or simply enjoy being in a world of your own 
  • Build up a healthy sense of self-esteem
  • Embrace technology in an outdoor setting
  • Optional annual flexible Outdoor Club Training Programme:  Baseline knowledge & skills, building confidence for Root Explore
  • Time: 1-3 hours

PRICE £10 per child


Our revolutionary programme, we believe Young Roots is the most valuable physical activity a parent could gift their child. Evolving over thirty years, Young Roots builds up intrinsic motivation, grit and confidence in children steering away potential anxieties.

Expect in the first instance to travel with your child through the forest with excited anticipation, collecting electronic punches found along the route as you go. The challenge is on! You may just spot one of our fairies or elves watching quietly from the undergrowth, ensuring everyone is safe.

LEVELS 1 - 3

After building confidence with their parents on the course, when ready, children select their own level wisely before running solo or in pairs. Children need to understand their own limits and move up to a new level only when they have built up the necessary skills, confidence and knowledge. Running solo too early can damage confidence, so it is important not to 'push' children too soon into doing this.

Level 1: 1km
Level 2: 2km
Level 3: 3km

As parents, we naturally protect our children from danger. Over-protection in today's society is having the opposite effect and child illnesses such as anxiety and depression are at epidemic levels in the UK today. If children have the necessary skills and knowledge pre-thirteen, they can achieve hard tasks that will give them the confidence to take on new challenges with confidence after that age.  


You’ve decided on your activity, great!
Now make sure that all adventurers are prepared by ensuring they do the following before joining us on the day!

Unfortunately for health and safety reasons, any adventurers who are not wearing the correct attire may not be able to join us on our journey. To avoid any disappointment, please make sure you follow our guides, and contact us if you have any questions or queries.

Roots Activities Clock Icon

Arrive Early

(by about 20 minutes)

Roots Activities Shoe Icon

Flat footwear

such as trainers

Roots Activities T-Shirt Icon

Comfy clothing

appropriate for weather

Roots Activities Bottle Icon

A water bottle

to keep you hydrated


For a stronger