Root Explore.

For the whole family!


  • For children 10 - 16 years old
  • Parents/carers go FREE
  • Seasonal Themes
  • Competitive against yourself and/or others
  • Build up confidence and resilience
  • Embrace technology in outdoor setting
  • Optional annual flexible Outdoor Club Training Programme:  Introduction to outdoor adventure sports.  
  • Time: 1-3 hours

PRICE £10 per person


There aren't many physical activities that can actively include all members of a multi-generational family* in one place, at the same time, with everyone feeling they've had a lot of fun afterwards!

The courses encourage positive adult role-modelling so children can learn the power of grit and determination. The focus is to complete the task.

The obstacles on the forest floor are not bespoke man-made items. They are defined by the continual changing nature of the terrain, up and down steep banks, over fallen trees and streams, across exposed roots, and sometimes through thick mud and gushing water after heavy rain.

* A reasonable amount of balance is essential. Not recommended for pregnant women.

LEVELS 1 - 5

Levels 1 - 5 represent 1km - 5km challenges!

Start out and finish together, stick together or take on different levels, run or walk, be competitive or not, it's your decision.


You’ve decided on your activity, great!
Now make sure that all adventurers are prepared by ensuring they do the following before joining us on the day!

Unfortunately for health and safety reasons, any adventurers who are not wearing the correct attire may not be able to join us on our journey. To avoid any disappointment, please make sure you follow our guides, and contact us if you have any questions or queries.

Roots Activities Clock Icon

Arrive Early

(by about 20 minutes)

Roots Activities Shoe Icon

Flat footwear

such as trainers

Roots Activities T-Shirt Icon

Comfy clothing

to move around in

Roots Activities Bottle Icon

A water bottle

to keep you hydrated


For a stronger