Root Care.

For family building!


  • Referrals / social prescribing
  • Struggling families
  • Anxious / depressed children
  • Stressed / single parents
  • Children with screen addiction
  • Loneliness / community cohesion
  • New mums
  • Five levels, five sessions over five days.
  • Club Membership Free for first two months.



Early intervention is proven to be most effective when controlling issues that play havoc in the lives of our children today. Further easing on the NHS purse would come if problems such as depression and anxiety were not allowed to escalate.

We will be measuring the savings that can be made over the next twelve years as children and parents in despair take advantage of the Roots Recoup Programme.

  • Let your family grow stronger together.
  • Learn about the significance of small data and grit.
  • Enjoy the fun, laughter and tears of achievement, as your family takes on new challenges, overcomes obstacles, stretches the imagination and supports each other in achieving dreams.
  • Learn to be confident, dream big and achieve your goals.

LEVELS 1 - 5

Levels 1 - 5 represent 1km - 5km challenges!

Five stages of family strengthening are found as you move from level one to five, collecting the tools along the way. Without these you cannot move up to the next level.


You’ve decided on your activity, great!
Now make sure that all adventurers are prepared by ensuring they do the following before joining us on the day!

Unfortunately for health and safety reasons, any adventurers who are not wearing the correct attire may not be able to join us on our journey. To avoid any disappointment, please make sure you follow our guides, and contact us if you have any questions or queries.

Roots Activities Clock Icon

Arrive Early

(by about 20 minutes)

Roots Activities Shoe Icon

Flat footwear

such as trainers

Roots Activities T-Shirt Icon

Comfy clothing

to move around in

Roots Activities Bottle Icon

A water bottle

to keep you hydrated


For a stronger