Creating environments where    children can play, grow STRONG and build knowledge for their future

We are a team of professionals dedicated to putting something different on the table - a physical activity developed entirely from a child’s perspective.  This means children can build up the knowledge and skills they need for their future, in their way.

'YOUNG ROOTS' and 'ROOTS EXPLORE' (ages 2 - 16) are exciting obstacle course challenges that release the 'happy chemicals' in children as they feel the motivation to beat their own time in a non-competitive and natural environment.  Endorphins, serotonin and dopamine fly high as children are kept busy for an hour or much more. 

Younger children, especially, become absorbed in the environment as they create imaginative stories in their minds, exploring and inventing new ideas along the route.  As one child said, "can we have this in our world mum".  They are in a world they can naturally relate to, but, are not often able to connect with, with so many distractions and enforced actions being the norm from an early age.

ROOT GROUPS, ROOT CARE & PHENOMENON-BASED LEARNING (ages 2 -16 and separate parent groups)  Children love Roots because learning their way is so much fun.  We advocate the use of ROOTS to inspire motivated learning, promote positive peer relationships, adopt resilience when taking on new challenges and find positive focus when faced with adversity.

MULTIPLE-INTELLIGENCES:  In a group setting the purpose of the obstacle course challenge in the first instance is to prepare children mentally for the topical challenges that follow.  The 'challenge rooms' are looked after by their guardians, 'The Intellects', Logi, Lingu, Spatia, Cordino, Musica, Inter-tra and Natura.  'Pedago' communicates, on behalf of the Intellects, with humankind.

A PRESCRIPTION FOR HAPPINESS: Roots responds to modern-day issues before they occur - an upstream intervention for children wanting or needing to feel mentally stronger so they are more able to cope with life.  Understanding, through science, what, where, when, how, who with and why a person engages in Roots explains why it works. 

ROOT FORCE!!!   Let the force be with them for this is the ultimate competitive family challenge for teams of 2 or 3.  It's all about being able to complete the challenge!  The challenge dates on the first Sunday of September, December, March and June. Commences December 2nd, 2018.      


We're rooting for you!



  • For children 2 of 13 years old
  • Parents/carers go FREE
  • Seasonal Themes 
  • Compete against yourself (approx. 7 years +)
  • Or simply enjoy being in a world of your own 
  • Build up a healthy sense of self-esteem
  • Embrace technology in an outdoor setting
  • Optional Club Membership & Training Programme:  Baseline knowledge & skills, building confidence for Root Explore
  • Time: 1-3 hours

£10    October half-term



  • For children 10 - 16 years old
  • Parents/carers go FREE
  • Seasonal Themes
  • Competitive against yourself and/or others
  • Build up confidence and resilience
  • Embrace technology in outdoor setting
  • Optional Club Membership & Training Programme:  Introduction to outdoor adventure sports.  
  • Time: 1-3 hours

£10   October half-term



  • Open to ALL ages with multiple categories
  • Wednesdays (summer) & Saturdays (all year)
  • Club X-Training, Mental and Physical
  • Leader board and annual prizes 
  • Team/Family fun & collaboration
  • Seasonal Tri-Venture (4/year) 
  • Teams of 2 or 3 
  • Embracing the positive use of technology
  • Time: 1-3 hours




  • Schools / Clubs / Scouts / Parties / Families / Community groups / Corporate Team Building / Social gatherings.  Pre-book only. 
  • Phenomenal learning & topical challenges.
  • Single parent  & child groups
  • Embracing the positive use of technology
  • Time: 1-3 hours

£10  October half-term



  • Upstream Interventions
  • Referrals / Social Prescribing
  • Phenomenal learning 
  • Positively a teenager  
  • New mums
  • Dads only groups
  • Time: 5 days




  • Training for practitioners, teachers, young adults and parents.
  • Two or five day courses
  • Phenomenal based teaching and training



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the reviews

"We had a great day out yesterday, brilliant course and very friendly and helpful lady."

Jenny Tuck

"Spent an hour doing the White Stag course with our 3 girls 12, 8 & 4, they absolutely loved it & asked to go back tomorrow. Highly recommended, a great afternoon out."

Pearl Taylor

"Really fun idea and a great way for the family to get outdoors."

Colin Morgan

"We did the course with a 5 and 2 year old, clearly marked and some good obstacles and terrain. A really interesting and engaging end to a lovely holiday for us and will be back to achieve some more levels next time."

Cherry Wilden

"What a fab addition to our family day out. Our 7 year old daughter really enjoyed doing the ParcoursO at Mallards Pike. She did it first time around in slow time with the whole family (including dog) and then on her own with daddy close behind. She was rewarded with 1 of 5 gems to collect.
A real fun way to get the body moving. I would highly recommend."

Laney Gill

"We just did the course at Mallards Pike and it was brilliant! We took a 2 year old and 5 year old and completed in 40 mins. They loved the whole trail and it was very clearly marked. A great idea! We'll be returning, thank you."

Ellie O'Regan

"My son with his friends had a great time. Thinking for themselves, problem solving and running around outdoors with a purpose. Lady was fantastic who ran it (apologies didn't catch her name). Such fun and can see this becoming a much requested activity when in the Forest."

Cheryl Hill

"This is a great way to inspire the kids- never underestimate the importance of letting them have a go! Great day out! X"

Seth Draper

"Brilliant activity! My boys loved it as their friends did, lady who runs was amazing & our kids loved her! 
Thoroughly recommend doing!!"

Cat Young

"Such good fun! Kids love it and great to get involved in it with them."

Kiri Hopson

"Lots of fun for kids, not too challenging just yet but more courses are coming. Give it a try!"

Daz James

in our


The single most important factor, relative to physical activity, in building the foundations for long-term whole family and community partnerships.

Where we recharge our batteries impacts the speed, effectiveness and longevity of the recharge. Whom for, how, when, where and why are equally important if we look at them together from the child perspective. The result from doing this was the creation of a new physical activity we now call Roots preparing the children for a series of phenomenon-based learning challenges purposefully designed so children can build up a healthy sense of  self-esteem .

Back to our roots


All we do is scientifically proven phenomenon based child-centred learning. From observing children play traditional sports over ten years, we decided to throw away the rule books and start again with the child's needs at the centre of our decision-making.


Did you know, we can even ‘up ROOTS’ and set up our parcours obstacle training course in your school / gym / village hall get the idea.

Finding Roots

Tucked away in the Forest of Dean is where you will find ROOTS.